About me

I love foraging the world, and feed myself of its colours. 

My lens free and light captures the scenes of life of my mobile escapades.

My mosaic vision multiplies its views and provides the gift of ubiquit to the fragmented subjects it reconstructs like my scales, 

while my wings with shimmering colours leave an imprint of their passage by depositing their pigments on iridescent metal.

Free, mobile, modern, ephemeral ... too.

Designer from ESDI - Ecole Supérieure de Design Industriel - Paris - I evolve during 20 years in the creative direction mainly on innovative projects in the fields of games, mobility and multimedia. In parallel for 20 years, I design and produce works such as mosaics, chalk drawings, modelling and computer graphics on the Photoshop software. Today, I share my creativity between mobile photography, a witness to my exotic explorations, animal sculpture through which I defend those with whom we live on Earth, and graphic design, my daily gymnastics to reveal the best of ourselves. These 3 complementary activities have in common experiments and innovation. They campaign for a colourful world, free and respectful of nature. Through them, I am happy to share my tender vision of our planet. Please let me your message :

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poulinanna@gmail.com - tél : 06 81 11 08 85

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